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UK Immigration News Alert - 18 June 2021

The Graduate Route

The new Graduate Route will:

· begin on 1 July 2021, allowing students who graduate after that date to make an application (including students who have already started their courses)

· be available to international students who have a valid student visa at the time of application and have successfully completed a degree at undergraduate level or above at a Higher Education Provider

· enable successful applicants to stay and work (or seek work) for 2 years if they have successfully completed an undergraduate or master’s degree. PhD graduates will be able to stay for 3 years.

· require a new visa application to be made from inside the UK

· include the payment of a visa fee (£700) and the IHS (£624 per year)

· require students to provide the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) they used for their most recent Student (or Tier 4) application

Students who have been studying online in their home country due to Covid-19 may still be able to apply for the Graduate Route, provided they meet the other requirements of the route. This is part of the UK government's Covid-19 student visa concessions.

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