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UKVI announces suspension of priority services and delayed processing times

The UKVI have now published an update on their website advising that they are prioritising Ukraine Family Scheme applications in response to the humanitarian crisis caused by the invasion of Ukraine, and so applications for study, work and family visas may take longer to process.

‘Priority’ and ‘super priority’ visa services have been temporarily suspended for new study, work and family visa applications, and Standard visitor visas are currently taking an average of 6 weeks to process.

Additionally applicants in Russia who are looking to travel to the UK should note that it may not be possible to fly directly to the UK, or via EU countries, and should amend any travel plans accordingly. You are advised to check the latest information with your airline or travel provider. Connecting flights, largely via the Middle East and Turkey are operational for travel from Russia to the UK and other destinations.

The full update can be found on their website:

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