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UK Immigration News Alert - 28 July 2021

People who have been fully vaccinated in the EU or US will not need to self-isolate when coming to England from an amber list country

The very welcome change will come into force at 04:00 BST on Monday.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has confirmed the change would apply to people who have been fully vaccinated in the EU or US however it is important to note that such travellers would still need to take tests before they arrived and on the second day when they landed.

Extra, tougher rules will continue to be in place for France, which is on the amber list but still requires travellers to quarantine when they return, even if they are fully vaccinated.

As well as reopening to the EU and the US, international cruises will also be allowed to restart from England.

It is not yet known whether other UK nations will adopt the same changes.

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