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UK Immigration News Alert – 13 May 2021

Right to Work Check concession extended

The UKVI announced on 21 April 2021 that the Covid-19 RTW concession would end on 17 May 2021, meaning that employers would need to return to the RTW requirement of having to view an individual’s original documents face to face.

In good news the UKVI have now announced that the concession will be extended to 20 June. Employers can therefore continue to check an individual’s RTW in the following way:

· ask the individual to submit a scanned copy or a photo of their original documents via email or using a mobile app

· arrange a video call with the individual – ask them to hold up the original documents to the camera and check them against the digital copy of the documents

· record the date the check is made and mark it as “adjusted check undertaken on [insert date] due to COVID-19

· if the worker has a current Biometric Residence Permit or Biometric Residence Card or has been granted status under the EU Settlement Scheme or the points-based immigration system you can use the online right to work checking service while doing a video call - the applicant must give you permission to view their details

Your GDB Legal Solutions consultant can guide and assist you with any questions or concerns you may have in regards to these checks.

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