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Priority and Super Priority Services resume for work applications

In some very good news, on 12 August UKVI have confirmed they have resumed Priority Visa and Super Priority Visa services for new work visa applications (in existing locations).

A few important notes to bear in mind:

· Standard work visas are taking around 4 weeks to process globally

· Retrospective Priority and Super Priority Visa services are not available once you have submitted your fingerprints at the VAC

· UKVI will only accept Priority Visa applications for new Work visa applications made after 12 August 2022 however you can withdraw an existing or ongoing standard Work visa application and reapply using the Priority Visa service provided you have not yet provided your biometrics

· Priority and super priority services for new family applications continue to be suspended

· At this stage, Priority services will not be available for the following visa routes:

- Innovator

- Start-up

- High Potential Individual

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