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The start of a new role, comes with so many challenges and in many cases the questions marks keep increasing instead of decreasing. Sitting on your desk and seeing how the to do list keeps growing and you are trying to do your best to tackle every issue in the best possible way is not an easy thing to wake up to. I have decided to start my recommendations with the above statements, because this where Marissa played the role of a super hero! After only 2x months as the new Office Manager of Scape Design, I came across to the challenge of having to start the process of visa application for two of our team members. It was one of those morning that I simply felt it was too much in my plate when I found Marissa’s contact details. She not only brought me back to a state of internal peace and confidence, she took me step by step in the most professional and kind manner! I can’t thank her enough. Marissa, is always available with a great attitude, willing to go above and beyond to help. Even after business completion, she ensures that her interest was genuine through follow ups and relevant recommendations! I will always enjoy working with her and I am very much looking forward to the next business opportunity.

-Eliana Bayona - Office Manager at Scape Design

Marissa and her team were extraordinarily responsive with all communications. They offered our client accurate advice and provided realistic timing on each step, which allowed our client to plan their next business step. We look forward to sending Marissa any other conflict matters. It was truly a pleasure!

-Cathryn Sawicki - Managing Partner at Serotte Law Canada

Giselle was just brilliant. She took me through the intricacies of Tier 2 ILR application, help me obtain the right documents and even sat down to organise the application form. I would highly recommend Giselle to anyone.

-Nikhil - ILR Application

Comprehensive advice on an otherwise difficult issue. True professional, fast service and offered continued advice on the question asked to ensure I was empowered to move forward.

-Murray C - Fiance Visa

I am very happy I decided to speak with Giselle regarding my visa issues. I highly recommend her for any visa help you need. I will be moving forward with her as a client.

-Zeido H -  Entrepreneur 

Giselle helped me to receive UK T1 exceptional talent visa and she was reliable, understanding and very professional. Because of her help, I am here in the UK now. Highly recommend her!

-Utako - Exceptional Talant Visa

Giselle helped me with my wifes application to enter the UK. She made a quite stressful process seem effortless. I got a lot of different quotes, and even though GDB Legal was very affordable, the service was excellent. My wife got her visa with no problems and I would highly recommend Giselle to anyone who needs immigration help.

-Julius - Spouse Visa

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