Safeguarding the status of citizens: negotiation update

From the Home Office:

"The fifth round of the negotiation between the EU and UK concluded yesterday.

We are closer to agreeing all elements of the rights of EU citizens living in the UK and the reciprocal rights of UK citizens living in the EU – but there is more discussion required.

On key issues, such as the broad framework of residence rights for EU citizens and their family members, social security entitlements and reciprocal healthcare, the UK and EU have largely reached agreement. 

On remaining areas, both the UK and EU are focussing on providing certainty for citizensas quickly as possible. Discussions this week have narrowed the focus to the key remaining issues for negotiations.

The UK has also provided further information on its settled status scheme to be introduced next year. It will be streamlined, digital and low cost. As we have said previously, you do not need a document now to prove that you are resident in theUK. 

For those who already have EU permanent residence documents the process will be very straightforward, with greatly reduced or zero cost to applicants to update their status under the new scheme. 

The talks also explored ways to fulfil the Prime Minister’s commitment to implement theWithdrawal Treaty fully into UK law, ensuring consistent interpretation through UK courts being able to take into account CJEU judgements.  

We want to reach agreement on all areas as soon as we can, providing certainty for citizens. 

The EU Council is meeting next week to discuss whether or not there has been sufficient progress in the current talks to move onto discussion of wider issues. Whatever the EU Council’s decision, safeguarding the status of EU citizens in the UK and UK nationals in the EU will remain a priority for the UK.

As the Prime Minister said this week, “we want you to stay”. "

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